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Decorate baby's nursery or kids room with this lovely customizable wall decal. Write his/her name in a cloud and put a starry sky over their bed. This wall decal mural comes in separetad pieces so you can go creative and make anything you want adapting the decoration to your needs.

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Size The size of first photo mosaic is: 40x29cm aprox.

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This product contains:

- 1 "name over cloud" center piece (33x11cm)

- 5 cloud shaped decals (sizes 12x6 and 5,5x3,5cm)

-1 smiley cloud decal (13,4x8cm)

-4 circle shaped decals (sizes 2,5 and 1,5cm diameters)

-7 star shaped decals (sizes 4,6x4,6 and 2,4x2,4cm)

Our wall decals are made of vinyl and available to use in any place you want at home. Walls, closets, windows, doors... go creative! Use it over a clean and smooth surface.


This pack comes in separated units so you can go creative and make anything you want with the mosaic.

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